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Next-Generation Application Management for Hi-Tech Enterprises

Increased focus on innovation, on-demand services and digitalization, have forced hi-tech companies to look for a partner who can deliver with shortened application development timelines, empower business users to manage apps themselves, and deliver substantial business outcomes through business-level SLAs. Business outcomes can be delivered by consolidating operations through a single vendor for the entire application management suite of services. Hi-Tech clients rely on service integration and management mechanisms to understand end-to-end service performance. LTI’s Amplified Outcomes Model (AOM) utilizes a holistic approach, focusing on experiences, outcomes, automation and innovation. It delivers persona-based services, significant reduction in operations, targeted interventions for improved business KPIs / processes, and better RoI on apps / infra.

Key Highlights

  • Innovating Client Experiences (ICE) by mapping and analyzing user journeys, and remodeling them
  • Design Driven Delivery (D3) to make LTI’s delivery processes across application development and management, and production support, more design-oriented and agile
  • Application Modernization, leveraging API management & microservices, and cloud integration
  • Significant reduction in operations through automation / AI / digitization
  • Integrated command center with E2E accountability

Key Benefits:

  • Greater productivity and cost efficiency
  • Persona-based service-targeted interventions, for improved business processes and outcomes
  • Enhanced technical debt reduction

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