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Digital Supply Chain Management for Hi-Tech Enterprises

There is an advent of technologies such as IoT, cloud, analytics and blockchain, which help transform the way supply chains are managed. These help semiconductor manufacturers, electronic part distributors, contract manufacturers, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), and finished goods technology distributors, in end-to-end visibility of supply chain, with insights into inventory, DCs / warehouses, fleet and other visualizations, as well as analytics for KPIs such as warehouse efficiency, associate productivity, etc. This end-to-end visibility helps you manage the risk in your supply chain, by identifying the red zones and finding their impact on the overall supply chain.

LTI’s Digital SCM solutions based on these new technologies help address these objectives by providing an extensive visibility into your supply chain and metrics, transformed warehouse operations, and efficient fleet & shipment monitoring.

Key Highlights

  • Granular supply network visibility leveraging GIS
  • Visual warehousing through visual images of products and / or visual instructions, to confirm the operator’s work tasks at a warehouse or distribution center
  • Automated tracking solution, leveraging smartphones as an IoT device for fleet utilization, route optimization, delivery geo correction
  • Blockchain-powered shipment monitoring and smart contracts

Key Benefits

  • Insightful analytics
  • Higher warehouse task accuracy and fleet utilization
  • Shortened Order-To-Cash (OTC) cycle, optimizing cash flow
  • Faster turnaround, with the client signing off with e-proof of shipment delivery

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