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Digital Customer Experience (DiCE) for Technology Enterprises

Consumer behavior is changing rapidly, and it has become essential for hi-tech clients to provide a compelling customer experience for each type of customer, be it a student wanting to know more about a semiconductor chip on a semiconductor client’s website, a user of a software product built by an ISV, a reseller checking on a distributor product, or an end customer using e-Commerce channels to buy a product. Gauging customer perceptions across each of these channels is a must. LTI DiCE, an AI-based testing platform, relying on user brain-wave mapping, puts the client’s customer at the center of the digital experience lifecycle, thus providing an honest view of customer feelings and feedback.

Key Highlights

  • Converts unsaid user feelings & reactions into scaled readings
  • Enables building user experience during the development phase itself, exactly the way the client’s customers want
  • Analyzes web and mobile applications across 100+ parameters and 6 dimensions, namely discoverability, accessibility, performance, omni-channel, perception and social shareability
  • Omni-channel experience assurance across desktop, laptop, mobile, tablet & wearables

Key Benefits

  • Digital customer experience benchmarking w.r.t competition
  • Anticipation of customer needs before the go live with new apps / websites
  • Quick insights into customer experience glitches through automatic analysis

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    Discover DiCE

    Discover DiCE

    Measure customer experience and build a customer-centric digital assurance strategy with LTI DiCE.