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Comprehensive Product Management for Technology Enterprises

The Hi-Tech industry is defined by product innovation and the subsequent ease of customer adoption. ISVs and OEMs must constantly build and bring products to market at a faster pace, with a vast array of new features. The existing products or platforms must also undergo frequent product refreshes and upgrades. It is essential to keep benchmarking against the nearest competitors to enhance and stay afloat in the market. The current digital disruption makes it inevitable to have a digital vision and roadmap, and leverage the latest technologies to build a much superior product. LTI has a rich experience working with ISVs, OEMs and product companies, helping build and deliver the digital vision for their products. LTI has proven experience in delivering out-of-the-box High Tech Solutions and Technology Services for High Tech and Consumer Electronics Industry through domain-based service offerings

Key Highlights

  • Design thinking-based approach to understand various personas who would use the product
  • SaaS-ification of product(s) for a Cloud-first approach
  • Rapid prototyping & development through agile / scrum, LTI Mosaic ecosystem, assurance with end-to-end test orchestration, and optimized DevOps
  • GDPR compliance by design

Key Benefits

  • Faster time-to-market
  • Cloud-native enablement, empowering your business to take that big Digital leap
  • Exceptional customer experience and product adoption

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    What our client says

    What our client says

    Young Kim

    VP - Samsung Electronics

    What our client says

    What our client says

    Hiroshi Maruta

    Director, SPBD - Hitachi, Ltd.