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Private Eye – Healthcare Privacy Solution

Healthcare organizations are facing challenges with continuous changes to business processes and continuous digital technology disruption. LTI helps healthcare organizations transform the business to address aggressive competition, evolving customer expectations and stringent regulatory demands, through its healthcare consulting frameworks and services.

Healthcare industry deals with Member/Patient data in a day to day operation. This data is extracted, transformed and stored for health plan enrolment, claims processing, fraud management and analytics. Healthcare organizations should look at data privacy and protection considering the following points.

  • Identification and classification of members information across laptops, file repositories, big data and data lakes
  • Build data lineage and create a data inventory / personal data map
  • Establish individual rights and consent management
  • Conduct risk profiling, assessment and allocation
  • Understand the privacy obligations involved for developing a data privacy compliance strategy
  • Highlight compliance guidelines to stakeholders and report privacy breach to Data Privacy Officers
  • Implement data protection mechanism like data encryption, anonymization, pseudonymization

LTI’s Private Eye is an AI based automated data discovery and automation tool available for use on cloud as well as on premise. The tool has an ability to scan structured and un-structured data to identify the privacy related data elements with an option to scan partial application landscape. The tool provides multi-lingual support with country specific rules and algorithms. The tool can also be integrated with the continuous improvement/development process to ensure compliance in every build.

LTI, using its Private Eye solution, provides advisory consulting service for data privacy pre-assessment to deliver identification of privacy data risks, maturity assessment for data discovery, data lineage, consumer rights management, data minimization, data governance, cookies and consent management.

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