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Health Data Insights

LTI enables health ecosystems to support every decision by harnessing the power of both internal and external data sources. LTI’s Mosaic is a converged platform, offering data engineering, advanced analytics, knowledge-led automation, IoT connectivity and improved solution experience to its users. Mosaic enables healthcare organizations to undertake quantum leaps in business transformation and brings an insights-driven approach to decision making.

LTI’s Mosaic stack comprises Mosaic Decisions, Mosaic AI and Mosaic Catalog. Using this stack, LTI delivers Operational Analytics for improved performance delivering productivity use cases to hospital ecosystem including paramedics, doctors, nurses for quick turnarounds.

LTI has global experience with presence across the US, EU, Asia and Middle East. In one of our engagements with East coast-based largest Health & Life Insurance company, LTI has delivered insights on customer behavioral patterns and lifestyle through the Health Risk Assessments and Wellness management programs, to transform their business strategy and build an analytics roadmap.

Services Offered

  • Ingesting and integration of data from enterprise health applications and external healthcare entities
  • Extraction, transformation and loading of structured and unstructured data collected from wearables and medical devices
  • Mining and Analysis of empirical data from claims history and electronic health records
  • Merge and meld Big data from social media, and other sources to derive meaningful and actionable insights for predictions based on symptoms
  • Customize interface adapters to connect with data sets from multiple health databases

Key Features

  • Fraud pattern analysis, predictive analysis for investigative decision making
  • KPI driven business intelligence reporting and customized visualization
  • Data scientist workbench which supports algorithms creation and modification using random forest, gradient boosting, and multi variate modelling
  • Ready to use algorithms covering forecasting, regression, classification and clustering

Business Benefits

  • Personalized interaction with customer by segmenting based on healthcare community behaviors
  • Profitable underwriting using actionable data insights
  • Enhanced consumer engagement through our Connect-Measure-Manage framework

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    Our Success Stories

    Employee Benefit platform

    LTI developed cloud-based Employee Benefit Platform for a Life & Health Insurance Broker

    Event Based Intelligence

    LTI developed complex algorithm and Event-based Intelligence for Major US-Based Hospital

    Health and Wellness

    Health & Wellness Platform Implementation for Singapore-based Life Insurance Company

    Intelligent Automation

    LTI implemented Intelligent Automation for US-based Healthcare Organization

    Workflow Implementation

    Workflow Implementation for Life & Health Insurance Company

    Application Maintenance

    Application & Infrastructure Maintenance for US-based Medicare Health Insurance Organization