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Application & Infrastructure Maintenance Services

LTI’s Managed Services model leverages AIOps to reduce number of incidents through cognitive automation and continuously improves through learnings from experience. Coupled with our strong healthcare domain expertise and persona-based user experience, we ensure high quality results and improved outcomes. Our four dimensional Operate-To-Transform model delivers business transformation across Operations, Technical landscape, Business process KPI’s and User personas.

LTI has proven experience using enterprise agile transformation by leveraging Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) to manage complex production operations for multiple US based health insurers providing Medicare Advantage & Supplement plans. LTI has also delivered services from a HIPAA compliant EDC in an onsite-offshore model with improved productivity and adherence to predefined quality parameters.

Services Offered

  • Managed Services covering early warnings, continuous monitoring, self-remediation and automated ticket resolution
  • Mine ITSM data and discover automation opportunities from history of IT Incidents and service requests
  • Automate resolution for L1/L2 incidents using Machine Learning based solution that has self-learning capabilities
  • ITIL based service performance reporting with real-time ITSM integrations and drill-down capabilities
  • Process standardization by conducting requirement walk through, defect prioritization, deployment verification and risk-based test approach
  • End-to-end assurance based on 4-layer cognitive model that goes beyond delivering defect free applications, accelerate quality engineering, catalyze quality through BOTS and improve user experience.

Key Features

  • AI powered Operations Platform and Knowledge Data-lake
  • Real-time Risk Identification and Management
  • Proprietary automated tools with templates for status updates, governance and reporting
  • In-house built testing solutions to accelerate the process of business functionality, integration, user experience and regression testing using agile testing methodology

Business Benefits

  • Improved user productivity through self service requests and guided interventions
  • Greater business value through expedited collaboration and innovation-led Quality Engineering approach
  • Reduction in service tickets through predictive monitoring with increased efficiency and low failure rate in production
  • Mitigation of risk through early detection of errors and pro-active prevention techniques

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