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With constantly changing healthcare regulations and evolving technology, healthcare payers and providers are continuously looking to leverage digital technologies to enhance patient engagement and improve the care quality.

Healthcare industry is adopting the “patient centric” approach to make smarter decisions for providing better care.

Healthcare companies now need to not only redefine their operating models, but also the underlying healthcare IT solutions, customer engagement processes and the entire ecosystem to fulfil the market demand.

While health sector players need to build self-service portals, data engineering and advanced analytics capabilities along with collaborative solutions development, the ultimate objective is to achieve integrated healthcare in a cost-effective manner, with the help of technology to deliver excellent customer experience.

Using our rich domain expertise, augmented intelligence platform and solution frameworks, LTI provides our global clients end-to-end healthcare solutions, which include business consulting, system integration, application development & maintenance, testing, mobility, automation, analytics, data management and infrastructure support.

LTI’s data platform Mosaic is one such technology-independent, highly scalable, modular, efficient and consistent solution to ingest structured, semi-structured and unstructured data into a Data Lake for Automation capabilities using Cognitive/ML with Actionable Insights.

LTI helps the entire healthcare ecosystem to build NextGen Data Engineering and Advanced Analytics capabilities on a scalable infra-agnostic Big Data Platform.

With role-based user security & privileges, adherence to regulatory compliance like HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA, PIPEDA and others, LTI ensures protection of individual’s personal information and identifiable attributes.

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    Our Offerings

    Operate to Transform

    Reduce operating cost by managed services leveraging AIOps, intelligent RPA, test automation for high productivity Application and Infrastructure Maintenance.

    Data Driven Organizations

    Integrating and ingesting data from multiple healthcare databases for mining, analysis and decision making. Read about our experience on Health Data Insights and Compliance & Regulatory Reforms.

    Experience Transformation

    Our design thinking approach helps reimagine journey maps across entire healthcare value chain enhancing customer engagement and improving member & provider experience.

    Digitizing the Core

    Modernizing and consolidating healthcare applications and infrastructure making both payer and provider organizations agile and responsive. Know more about our Technology Transformation offerings and Healthcare Process Automation.

    Solutions & Accelerators



    LTI offers platforms and solution accelerators redefining the healthcare operating model by empowering member and provider with optimal touch and rich interactions.



    LTI’s tools and services help in making data-driven decisions, which is a key business requirement for Healthcare companies in the current data explosion era.


    Entity Extractor

    Healthcare organizations are triggered by Artificial Intelligence & Cognitive technologies to ease the data intake process thereby increasing operational efficiency and reducing cost and effort.



    Healthcare organizations undergo process and rule changes due to stringent regulatory reforms. LTI offers consulting service and tools to ensure privacy compliance.

    Our Success Stories

    Employee Benefit platform

    LTI developed cloud-based Employee Benefit Platform for a Life & Health Insurance Broker

    Event Based Intelligence

    LTI developed complex algorithm and Event-based Intelligence for Major US-Based Hospital

    Health and Wellness

    Health & Wellness Platform Implementation for Singapore-based Life Insurance Company

    Intelligent Automation

    LTI implemented Intelligent Automation for US-based Healthcare Organization

    Workflow Implementation

    Workflow Implementation for Life & Health Insurance Company

    Application Maintenance

    Application & Infrastructure Maintenance for US-based Medicare Health Insurance Organization

    What We Think


    Modern Quality Engineering for Healthcare Payers

    Healthcare payers need to keep up with the uncertainties and evolving needs of the increasingly interconnected, data-driven world by building an improved, efficient and resilient healthcare system.


    Blockchain opportunities in Healthcare

    Wearables or medical devices used for monitoring are continuously generating data. Data privacy and fast changing data is a challenge.


    COVID-19 Impact

    Healthcare transformation leveraging IT innovation.

    Future State of Prior Authorization

    Prior Authorization integrating with electronic prescribing workflow is underway to replace current labour-intensive approval process.