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Subsurface Digitalization Solution for Oil and Gas Industry

Over the years, Oil & Gas companies have accumulated large number of paper documents related to Geoscientific data like Seismic, Well Logs, Prospect Maps and PVT/Core/lab reports. Most of this data is stored as hardcopy documents in warehouses. Geoscientists are now looking to revisit this data and make quick investment decisions. However, it takes many months to retrieve and making this data visible in interpretation applications for the Geoscience community.

30 min

turnaround search


Reduction in cost of storage


Reduction in manual efforts

LTI offers a unique service of digitizing documents automatically and liberating vast stores of hard-to-access physical data. LTI’s cognitive automation suite helps make the data more searchable and compatible with interpretation suites thereby reducing the turnaround time for the interpretation decisions.

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