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Unleash the Power of Digital Technologies in Upstream with the OSDU Data Platform

The world is moving to digital platforms at a fast pace. To remain competitive, upstream companies need to catch up and leverage digital technologies. Today, most of the upstream companies are not able to do so, as majority of the data is stored or locked in silos across E&P applications. Each application can have its own data formats. As data is kept in separate systems, this prevents organizations from applying analytics across the data/systems and extracting valuable insights. Hence, there is a need for a common data platform for unlocking insights and explore the full potential of data scattered across multiple siloed applications.

With its standards-based approach and a data ecosystem based on open standards, the Open Subsurface Data Universe™ (OSDU) Forum of The Open Group, hopes to create an interoperable data ecosystem that facilitates exchange and transmission of data from exploration to production systems. The goal is to reduce data silos and enable seamless data flow.

As a member of the Open Group OSDU Forum, LTI helps in delivering OSDU’s vision: an open source, standard-based, technology-agnostic data platform for the oil and gas industry that stimulates innovation, industrializes data management and reduces time-to-market for new solutions. LTI’s EPDM platform helps accelerate OSDU data platform adoption, enable transformational workflows, accelerate the deployment of new digital solutions, and create an open, standards-based ecosystem that drives innovation for the entire energy industry.

LTI’s EPDM Platform for accelerated adoption of the OSDU Data Platform

LTI provides consulting services to assist our clients in formulating the most effective adoption strategies for the OSDU Data Platform. Our digital capabilities and solutions will enable clients to accelerate their adoption of the OSDU platform and simplify data flow between diverse applications.
LTI’s EPDM platform offers a comprehensive set of tools and services for the deployment of the OSDU Data Platform.


Our consultancy framework comprises of the following components:

  • Operators Readiness Analysis
  • Recommendations for OSDU Data Platform Adoption
  • Recommended Pilot Project(s)
  • Project Implementation Roadmap

EPDM Platform Ecosystem

LTI’s EPDM platform provides the following tools and applications:

  • Subsurface Digitization Workbench, OCR, and Integration
  • GeoProQuiK – Data Extraction, Transformation, and Ingestion
  • Mosaic Decisions – Modern DataOps Platform for Expedited Cloud Journey
  • Mosaic AI – Build, Deploy and Manage AI@Scale
  • Mosaic Agnitio – Unleash the Value of Your Unstructured Data
  • CloudEnsure – Data Platform Governance (Data and Infra KPIs)
  • Leni – Transform Curiosity into Limitless Insights
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    LTI’s OSDU Data Platform Service Offerings

    LTI’s highly differentiated capabilities and intellectual property can be leveraged to help clients modernize their entire subsurface portfolio. Some of the key capabilities are:

    Data Preparation and Migration

    Data Preparation and Migration

    The EPDM platform provides an accelerated solution to aggregate data from multiple applications with the required data quality and de-duplication checks. The result — all data is discoverable, usable and it not only speeds up decision making, but it also opens up the possibility of more innovative applications developed by ISVs.

    Application Modernization

    Application Modernization

    LTI’s application modernization expertise ensures that legacy applications can be re-engineered to Microservices and API-based architecture complaint to OSDU Data Platform.

    Platform Performance & Workflow Optimization

    Platform Performance & Workflow Optimization

    We ensure excellent platform performance in the cloud, by customizing cloud infrastructure for specific scenarios such as HPC like seismic imaging and reservoir modelling workflows. LTI also uses AIOps in a big way to ensure proactive asset monitoring and automated situation detection & remediation.

    Future-ready DM Services

    Future-ready DM Services

    The EPDM platform service offerings are envisaged to be self-service-based, automated, agile, and scalable on demand. To deliver data science support and provide value to a client’s geoscience users, LTI’s Leni, an AI-powered intelligence platform that empowers business users with autonomous and trustworthy insights using a self-service mode can be used.

    Why LTI

    • Strong team of techno-domain professionals with hands-on experience in implementing and developing OSDU Data Platform and subsurface data migration for Oil &Gas majors.
    • Low Operational Cost: Easy and low risk start to discover and migrate to the OSDU Data Platform.
    • World-class platform for accelerating data-led transformation and improving decision-making.
    • Best-in-class cloud services for major cloud platforms (Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, IBM, Google GCP, and Oracle OCI).
    • Amazon- Global Advanced Consulting Partner which ensures right capability, workforce and knowledge to help in transformation, modernization and management/governance of cloud
    • Our experts to guide the transition to the OSDU Data Platform. LTI’s EPDM Platform offers an intuitive user experience; follows OSDU-certified processes and is fully compatible with the OSDU Data Platform.

    LTI’s contribution to the OSDU Forum

    Being a member of The Open Group OSDU™ Forum, we participate in developing the OSDU Data Platform, which will provide secure access to all subsurface and well data, enhance insight-based decision making, and drive collaboration and innovation.

    OSDU Projects LTI’s Contribution
    Validation – Automation of OSDU R1/R2 Schema Validation
    – OSDU Application Guideline documentation
    Software Testing Suite – Writing automation scripts for OSDU API Testing using Postman / Newman
    Audit & Metrics |
    Reporting & Dashboarding
    – KPI Dashboarding solution for OSDU Data Platform Operations area using LTI’s CloudEnsure data governance platform
    – 30 KPIs for cloud governance will be donated to the OSDU Forum
    Entitlement and
    Obligations (E&O)
    – Architecture design for policy implementation
    – Primary contributor E&O Incubator project
    – Policy development using Open Policy Agent (OPA)
    – Enhancement work for OSDU M#8
    OSDU for Production – Project Management for integrating Production data into OSDU Data Platform
    Helicopter Resource Coordination (HRC) – Dashboard development and Helicopter services schedule data ingestion into OSDU data platform

    Business Impact

    LTI can help your company in creating a comprehensive data strategy and roadmap for the OSDU platform ecosystem and support the strategy with services related to data migration, data ingestion and data enrichment. This is supplemented by data governance models, tools and frameworks that ensure seamless transition and migration of data between all applications.

    The benefits of engaging LTI for adopting an OSDU-compliant model include:

    • EPDM platform with tools and accelerators for smooth and fast transition to OSDU Data Platform
    • CloudEnsure an autonomous cloud governance platform built to manage multi-cloud environments with dashboard and 100+ KPIs
    • Subsurface Digitization Workbench for unstructured data and metadata
    • Automated extraction of obligations from Seismic contracts to configure Entitlement and Obligations (E&O) module of OSDU Data platform