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LTI’s Next-gen Digital Oil Field Solution: Help Oil & Gas Clients Optimize Crude Oil Production from Oilfields

In today’s Oil & Gas Industry, production comes from a variety of asset classes such as Conventional, Deep Water, Heavy Oil, Unconventional, etc. The journey of Resources (P4/P5/P6) to Reserves (P1/P2/P3) to Production, based on these diverse assets, brings a lot of uncertainties and challenges. Surveillance Analysis and Optimization are steps of an important phase, which comprehends entire efforts in this journey and helps monetizing the reserves by producing more barrels.

LTI’s Digital Oilfield Solution helps reservoir and production engineers in Surveillance, Analysis and Optimization through the life of an asset. The solution is focused on providing an opportunity to manage asset by exception and ability to make quick, informed decisions using real-time production data. The engineering workflows allows engineers to try various scenarios to optimize before making operational changes in the field.

LTI’s Digital Oil Field Solution – Highlights

LTI’s Digital Oilfield Solution (DOF) integrates process data, production data, well and riser test data, along with some static data coming from various sources. The integrated data from various sources is then processed, quality is checked and analyzed. Data workflows generate interpretations to highlight field performance issues. Engineering workflows are executed on field data by using physics-based equations to generate the estimates and optimization of production. The visualization layer allows users to view and analyze results from various workflows at a glance. User thus can focus on problem areas and make informed decisions. An engineer can simulate field scenarios using DOF system and visualize the impact on the field before they decide to make actual changes in the field.

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    Our team is mix of technology and domain resources and goes well beyond application management and software engineering to deliver high value DOF services.

    Below are some of LTI’s contribution for Surveillance Analysis and Optimization

    Our Strengths

    Our services to clients are always backed by a strong ecosystem built to deliver end to end services.

    • Collaboration with product vendors like Petroleum Experts, Schlumberger, OSDU.
    • Deep domain SMEs from parent L&T Hydrocarbon
    • Our association with Petroleum universities like UPES, PDPU, IIT for best talent
    • Ability to carry out R&D and pilot work through well-established Innovation lab for oil and gas.