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Digitization & Meta data Capture Service for Hardcopy Petro-Technical Documents

Over the years, Oil & Gas companies have accumulated huge number of paper documents related to petro-technical data like Seismic, Well Logs, Prospect Maps and various reports. Most of the data are underutilized as hardcopy documents are kept in warehouses and require 2-3 months of time to retrieve and make them available in petro-technical application for the end user.

LTI offers a unique service of digitizing documents and liberating vast storage of inaccessible physical data. This data and information is very critical for future analysis & interpretation purpose enabling faster decision-making and profitable business outcome. LTI has capabilities to digitize documents related to the critical data like Seismic, Logs, Maps & Various PVT/Core/lab reports.

LTI solution involves scanning of Oil & Gas GGRE documents using proprietary hardware and software. Complex algorithms along with technologies like OCR, ML & advanced analytics are built and deployed using MOSAIC digital platform to capture the Metadata from scanned documents with minimum efforts and highest accuracy. Our special plug-In for seismic, converts the scanned seismic image into digital format and attaches it to respective navigation data in SEGY format so that it can be further analysed using software like Petrel. Well Logs are digitized & depth registered and maps are geo referenced which can be directly used in GGRE applications.

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