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Refine your Rig Operations with Breakaway Digital Transformation Levers

The Oil and Gas industry is often faced with multiple issues such as crude price volatility, geopolitical headwinds, the emergence of alternative energy sources, and increasingly stringent environmental regulations. The pandemic situation since early-2020 has already led to dual shocks of demand and supply. The upstream sector has been the first to take the hit. Therefore, it becomes prudent to have optimum efficiency in operations, with a minimum risk of failures and revenue losses.

Some of the typical challenges observed in an offshore rig environment are:

  • Inefficient work planning and execution
  • Unavailability of real-time decision-making platforms
  • Lack of digital mobility solutions for smart execution
  • Issues in inventory management
  • Unplanned failures of assets due to improper condition monitoring

All these factors lead to slower decision-making, production losses, safety hazards and cost overruns.

Discover the Digital Transformation Levers with our Connected Rig-as-a-Service Solution

We put forth four key technology levers to digitally transform business processes and operations. A planned investment and effective execution along these four levers can help them realize considerable returns in a short span of time.

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    Offshore platforms are disparate assets and the traditional communication techniques are expensive and offer poor coverage. The cellular network provides the advantage of maximum coverage, higher bandwidth, and lower latency. Good connectivity is the key to realize the true potential of Industry 4.0.

    Smart IIoT sensors connected over cellular connectivity help in real-time monitoring of remote assets, and identifying potential failures in advance. This leads to maintenance cost savings and reduced unplanned downtime.

    Massive data generated at the rig through existing systems and connected devices need to be managed well. Here cloud infrastructure plays a key role and provides cost-effective, scalable, flexible, and secured storage.

    Easy access to accurate and real-time information is critical to ensure optimum utilization of available resources. Digital mobility-enabled solution helps in performing routine rig operations with better productivity and helps the workforce to be mobile.

    Use Cases of Connected Rig-as-a-Service

    Our Strengths

    Our services to clients are always backed by a strong ecosystem, which is built to deliver end-to-end services. These include:

    • Bringing connectivity domain expertise through our partnership with a market-leading network service provider.
    • Collaboration with IoT sensor vendors in the fields of corrosion monitoring, valve monitoring, asset monitoring, smart living quarters and connected workers.
    • Partnerships with integration services players such as Dell Boomi, WSO2.
    • LTI domain experts and SMEs from L&T Hydrocarbon.
    • Our association with universities like UPES, PDEU, IIT, IIM for the best talent.
    • Ability for R&D and pilot work through a well-established innovation lab for Oil and Gas.
    • A techno-domain team which goes beyond application management to deliver high-value services.