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Capital Projects Cockpit

  • How do I enable transparency and increase the odds of envisioned outcomes?
  • How do I establish an audit trail?
  • What are the processes, procedures and controls that I need to implement?
  • I need to have transparency of controls and have a robust governance.

Oil & Gas economy is in the midst of a seismic shift due to an imbalance in demand & supply, leading to reduced investment in Capital Projects, and a desperate need to efficiently manage projects through robust controls.


Solution aims at creating a single source of truth enabling transparency throughout the life cycle of a capital project, and establish a vigorous Risk Management process to classify early warning signals making an impact to the critical path of the project plan: Change in scope, Procurement delay, Quality apprehensions, Worker productivity, Safety & Compliance etc. Digital interventions through Sensor Technology and leveraging advanced communication protocol is integral to the solution

Customer Success Stories

Asset Insight Platform

Integrated Collaboration Center for Operational Visibility and Decision Making

Connected Field Force

Solution included covering AR/VR technology with IoT for assisted maintenance and training

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