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Asset Insights Platform

  • Do you want to avoid time based maintenance schedules?
  • Avoid unplanned downtime.
  • Get comprehensive visibility into Asset status, reducing operational risk.
  • Optimize maintenance schedule.

Oil & Gas Industry is asset intensive, hence it is imperative to have a platform which continuously track asset performance throughout its lifecycle and provides insights which are strategic, tactical and operational.


Asset Insight Platform (AIP) provides actionable intelligence ranging from best operating window to replace a spare part, to Condition based Maintenance, Asset Care, and Digital Twin support for operational and tactical decisions.

The platform enables strategic decisions related to capacity augmentation to asset retiring, Business KPI monitoring; health status of underlying applications, data integrity and eliminate spurious alarms due to sensor or system malfunctioning.

Digital Interventions in the form of IoT, Cloud, Analytics, Process Automation, AR/VR is leveraged. Simulation to orchestrate times series data, engineering data, map data, inspection and maintenance data to provide persona specific experience bringing control room closure to field office.

Asset Insights Platform IoT-Infographic

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Connected Field Force

Solution included covering AR/VR technology with IoT for assisted maintenance and training

Capital Projects Cockpit

On Schedule Project Plan Execution and Delivery

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