Smart Integrator

In the global trading environment, large CPG companies have diverse small partners across the globe. These companies currently mandate that their partners communicate with them on an EDI platform. The smaller global suppliers are unable to bear the license cost of software, as well as the expensive hardware required to integrate with their big CPG clients. CPG companies do not want to waste time in configuration of changes and managing their trading partners, instead would like to focus on their core competencies

Smart Integrator is a Solution-as-a-Service, which solves this problem. It is hosted on Cloud as a B2B transaction exchange, with a flexible pay-per-use commercial model.

Smart Integrator has three components:

  • Trading Partner Setup
  • B2B Core – Transaction Execution
  • Role-based Self-help Portal for Partner Management


Integration of clients’ EDI partners with their ERP system, through LTI’s B2B solution, hosted on cloud.

Orchestration of all business transactions involved in the Order-to-Cash process flow.

Design and development of partner-specific maps (850, 875, 810, 880, and 997) and business processes, using SEEBURGER components for EDI document exchange and internet standard protocols.


Reduced TCO up to 30% by reduced operational and administration costs.
Improved business visibility by providing a scalable and flexible solution.

Improved Time-to-Market by up to 25%, as it reduces the time taken to onboard a Trading partner by at least 20%, along with a faster response to market changes.
Flexible Pricing Models like the Transaction-based Pricing Model.

Adherence to Regulatory Compliance.
Ready-made business process repository to support the entire document flow, between partner and client, using standard protocols – FTP, FTP/S, AS2, etc