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Store Ambience Tracking & Control

The Retail Franchise industry faces several challenges, while protecting the integrity of their brand. Brand Management is one of the most vital considerations of franchise management. The larger the franchise, the harder it is to communicate and execute a consistent brand message. Brand consistency is the hygiene factor for customer satisfaction and retention.

Retail franchisors need to have a scalable system for brand standard reviews and site inspections. LTI’s Store Ambience Tracking & Control solution ensures brand consistency and operating standards. It analyzes the assets of new franchisee and remodeled stores, by uploading images of the specific store areas.

The solution generates a scorecard, based on the uploaded images. It provides various statistical reports, for senior leadership to know the status of brands meeting the benchmarks, as well as the status of operating standards at the franchise store.

This solution is ideal for retail and franchise-based clients, to help them evaluate and score their store / franchises, with respect to their adherence to the brand vision.

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    Enable on-field assessor to upload images in the system for better evaluation of the stores. These images can also be viewed in a timeline to evaluate the changes over time.
    User-friendly interface-based scorecard module, which gives executives the ability to design customized scorecards for their units. This helps ensure effective implementation of management strategy, by measuring the store against KPIs.
    Ability to use the scorecard data to drive dashboards, which can be sliced and diced to provide insights and trends.


    Easy access to franchise reviews.
    Provides instant data collection, image uploads and access to review the scorecards.
    Various statistical reports help compare Y-o-Y improvements in franchisee operating standards.
    Empowers senior leadership to manage and protect the brand, and focus on working with business partners who fit into a similar model, culture and passion for their brands, for scalable and responsible business growth.