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Spend Analytics

Given the thin margins for any retailer, real-time spend analytics becomes crucial for a company in determining its strategy and improving upon its bottom line savings. L&T Infotech’s Spend Analytics solution provides global spend visibility. It classifies the spend data and identifies saving opportunities.

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    A fast, intuitive and high-level interface to access the company’s spending information and key purchase measures.
    A single analytics solution for senior management & operations folks to view & analyze the purchase spend information. Target users of this solution are business directors, and are the key users in Purchasing / Marketing departments.
    Analysis of Marketing Spend by Brand, Final Internal Order / Cost Center,Charging Date.


    Reduce the enterprise spend through procurement visibility.
    Rank suppliers by customizing parameters.
    Make decisions based on facts.
    Realize greater saving opportunities, with multi-dimensional analysis.
    Optimized discounts earned.
    Controlled inventory and avoidance of overstocking.
    Compare operational parameters to the established national standards.
    Forecast spending levels and conduct predictive analysis based on the historical data.