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Ports & Shipping

Our Travel & Logistics Business Unit addresses the requirements of the Ports, Shipping & Maritime industry, and partners in its journey of developing world-class software systems.

Marine terminal operators & ports recognize the need for better tools, to track and manage large volumes of goods, moving through the ports. It is essential to have robust solutions to handle challenges of congestion, damages and cost of operations. Therefore, it is critical for port companies to build strong execution capabilities related to terminal operations by focusing on end-to-end operations management.

LTI assists ports and shipping companies across all phases of operations ― pre-operations (subcontracting, resource planning, etc.) and post operations (billing, revenue protection, performance review, etc.), enabling them to achieve higher efficiency.

Our strong domain & technology expertise provide shipping companies and ports the comprehensive platform they require to face challenges and achieve their business goals. Our team of port and marine experts plan & develop the infrastructure essential for trade facilitation for our clients in the public, as well as private sectors. Our experience in the ports and shipping sector encompasses areas such as Geographic Information System (GIS), Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID), and Port Operations System (POS). Our platform covers the entire port operations cycle – from cargo operations, resource planning, vessel & berth planning, yard planning, custom clearance & delivery, service rationalization and operations process execution, to monitoring, control and performance review.

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