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White Space Analytics

There has been a rapid transformation in the consumer products industry. Digital innovation and technologies require the enterprises to become more agile, innovative, and improve their real-time decision-making skills. They need to be customer obsessed to reap benefits not only from manufacturing or supply chain efficiencies, but also from eCommerce channels. Customers across e-Commerce channels are tech-savvy and switch brand loyalties quickly enough. Thus, it is an imperative to have faster time to insights. Your current processes might rely on multiple manual interventions by data scientists, revenue management analysts, etc. By the time you arrive at the insights, the business scenario would have completely changed.

LTI’s virtual analyst solution Leni’s cognitive engine is a part-rules/part-ML user feedback-based, self-learning module. It generates comprehensive insights and insights-based recommendations by detecting both the historically observed and emerging trends in the data.

Key highlights

  • Self-service Insights: Leni delivers insight views across performance KPIs (Sales, Market share) for the business and its competitors, automating the data extraction and visualization process.
  • Autonomous Insights: Insights identifying data patterns, anomalies and outliers creating an early warning setup for business.
  • White space analytics: Identifies portfolio expansion opportunities analyzing market share for your brands across product categories and geographies

Key benefits

  • Empower users with true self-service analytics with speed & scale
  • Recommendations around emerging trends and customer perception on social media platforms
  • Identify multi-million-dollar revenue opportunities
  • Increase revenue management analysts’ productivity

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