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SAP Profiler

Typically, there might be very little documentation captured about a consumer goods enterprise’s SAP system landscape and even if they do exist could be outdated. While the client SMEs have less time to capture and keep documentation up to date, LTI offers an SAP profiler which brings down SME time considerably for generating business process insights, customization, volumetric analysis, health check, code optimization, etc. This would help before the client undergoes an S/4HANA transformation exercise.

Key highlights

  • Business process insights and data analysis for better decision-making
  • View customization, quality, vulnerability, and complexity of SAP System
  • Recommendations and roadmap for automation, de-customization
  • End-to-end analysis in a two-four weeks
  • Comprehensive coverage – beyond what SAP covers
  • 360° system health check
  • Auto documentation generation
  • Knowledge transition effort reduction by 20-30%
  • System load & performance improvement
  • Version upgrade, EHP and support pack upgrade

Key benefits

  • SAP S/4HANA transformation readiness
  • System load improvement by 20-30%
  • Custom code reduction/ optimization by 30-40%
  • Custom code performance enhancement by 60-70%
  • Accelerated upgrade and migration through auto code remediation

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