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Retail Footfall Analytics

Footfall analytics measures the number of people entering a store and is an important KPI for retailers to understand the consumer behavior through shopping patterns. For example, patterns such as the peak hour vs non-peak hours, correlation of sales of certain product categories when placed next to each other, window shopper’s vs actual potential customers and so on. LTI’s retail footfall analytics solution employs video analytics for people-counting, and AI for gender recognition, thus enabling retail store operations executives to plan promotional campaigns and product placement strategies effectively. This data can be powerful when you could convince your customers to install your retail store mobile app.

Key highlights

  • Analytics dashboards showing patterns by the week, day or hour
  • All your product aisles/ shelves demarcated as zones and mapped on store layout dashboard
  • Thresholds can be set for each product zone with colors indicating the store traffic
  • Allocate sales personnel to a zone based on predictive zone traffic
  • Easy integration with CRM (loyalty) engine, POS, etc. to produce a variety of insights:
    • Which products generate traffic, but not sale?
    • What segment of customers are most likely to buy product X?
    • What is the buying behavior of a product SKU? etc.
  • Modify product placement strategies to capture a higher market basket value

Key benefits

  • Measure store performance across your stores
  • Personalized in-store offers through loyalty engines / retail mobile app and sales executives enhancing life-time value (LTV) of customer
  • Higher inventory turnover though effective product placement strategies

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