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Marketplace Enablement

Typically, CPG distributors have limited access to marketplaces and need reduction in the inventory cycle time to improve the business outcomes. They need to publish products into marketplaces such as Amazon, and fulfill products purchased by the end consumers, in order to not lose any business opportunity.

LTI’s Marketplace enablement solution helps publish distributors’ products onto Marketplaces and manage them effectively.

Key highlights

  • Product information maintained and stored in the client’s ERP system; products are published on marketplaces via open APIs
  • Orders are directly placed by customers via the marketplace and are directly shipped from manufacturer warehouse
  • Simplifies product publishing while giving the ability to include discounts, if any

Key benefits

  • Dashboard view of products published, orders placed by customers
  • Minimum distributor involvement once the product is published onto marketplace
  • Value add-on feature to augment the distributor’s businesses

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