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IoT for Cold Chain Management

As per industry estimates, multi-billion tons of food goes to waste every year. BCG estimates that by 2030, annual food loss and waste will hit 2.1 billion tons. This wastage is worth USD 1.5 trillion.

Distribution and wholesale enterprises dealing with food perishables/ temperature-sensitive food ingredients, must adhere to a host of regulations such as 21 CFR Part 11. Cold chain information such as temperature histories need to be made available via digital records. With IoT elements such as temperature data loggers, it is now possible to monitor the products along the cold chain and give insights into the time and place where the food product would have got spoilt.

Such products/ ingredients need a controlled environment with a pre-defined temperature range. LTI’s cold chain management solution is an IoT, RFID and cloud-based solution to calculate cumulative time the product has been out of the controlled environment. Time out of Environment (TOE) is the cumulative time for a cold storage item (refrigerated and/or frozen) to be out of its native environment or base storage condition throughout the course of its life. LTI’s solution ensures real-time information availability of the product condition for prevention of production losses, delay in supply and compliance breaches.

Key highlights

  • Automated monitoring to detect & track excursions in the supply chain
  • Real-time, escalation alerts for corrective actions
  • Automated TOE calculation
  • Creation of customized reports

Key benefits

  • Minimize expiry losses
  • Fully automated monitoring, extending go-to-market timeline
  • Adherence to regulatory compliance

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