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Indirect Channel Analytics

While CPG enterprises have a significant presence in the market catering to a significant number of store outlets, it is difficult to get a complete view of its brand penetration in a retail outlet. This is because of the disparate outlet data sources, presence of bogus stores, incorrect correlation between market demographics and customer buying patterns, inaccurate in-store value and volume promotion data, varying frequency of data collection across the data sources, etc. In short, a complete view of its outlets from the data output is missing, and at the same time, there are missed opportunities to cater to several outlets.

Leveraging Mosaic Decisions, LTI can deliver a comprehensive outlet blueprint by bringing an outside-in perspective using data aggregators / external data sources.

Key highlights

  • Identification of preferred data vendors based on data quality and geographical coverage.
  • Identiq, phonetic-based matching solution for address standardizations, store names, shop category, etc.
  • Enriched data through geo-coordinates tagging, address and zip code enrichment, helping identify correlation between the market demographics and customer buying patterns
  • Crowd-sourcing framework and recommendations to keep the master data refreshed and current

Key benefits

  • Custom visualization across KPIs such as per dealer offtake, market share calculation, stock turnover ratios
  • De-duplication of internal data
  • Identification of closed or bogus stores in the market

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