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Fleet Management

Consumer product manufacturers and distributors face numerous challenges in their supply chain such as inefficient fleet utilization, risks of bad PR leading to compliance breaches, vendor overpayment and ensuring their workers comply to safety norms. While telematic devices from multiple OEMs are available in the market for monitoring such aspects, they are hardware- intensive and not suitable for a large-scale deployment. They also have integration and customization limitations. Furthermore, due to manual proof-of-delivery of goods, the O2C cycle stretches hindering real-time visibility.

LTI’s automated tracking solution is a plug-and-play solution to digitize your supply chain.

Key highlights

  • Capable of multi-system integration
  • Mobile acts as an IoT device in the docker of trucks giving the driver an option to login and start the trip
  • End-to-end visibility of the trip to the operations manager
  • Business KPIs such as driving behavior, shipment tracking, fleet utilization, etc. are tracked using the mobile or web portal
  • Delivery geo-correction for optimized fleet route
  • Clients can sign-off proof-of-delivery using SMS or OTP modes
  • Flexible pricing models such as per trip, per user, per shipment, etc.

Key benefits

  • 20% improvement in fleet utilization
  • Insightful analytics and high scalability for hired fleet
  • Optimized cash flow reducing O2C cycle from few weeks to seconds
  • Improved driving behavior

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