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Blockchain for Supply Chains

CPG enterprises source their ingredients from globally distributed suppliers, hence making the supply chain quite complex with several other entities such as quality labs, expeditors, freight forwarders, shipping companies, port entities, etc. These entities typically operate between the supplier and the customer warehouses in a geography.

While all these entities make consignment related entries in their respective IT systems as it moves along the supply chain, none of these disparate systems are integrated, leading to information silos. The CPG enterprise as well could typically rely on the more traditional means of tracking lot-level information. Such means of tracking are not limited to phone calls, fax, emails, etc. Such processes are typically time consuming, error-prone and fail to deliver an end-to-end supply chain visibility. To ensure their production lines are not affected, the enterprise would rely on significant buffer stock translating to multi-million dollars locked up in an excess inventory.

LTI’s blockchain-powered solution helps to bring the aforesaid entities onto a single platform.

Key highlights

  • Integrates with all IT systems and records relevant data on an underlying blockchain
  • Real-time information and notifications are available in a tamper-proof manner to all entities
  • Drives process improvements by discovering bottlenecks
  • Reduction of buffer stock due to transparency

Key benefits

  • Real-time tracking of shipments
  • Improved accuracy in inventory and purchase planning
  • Pro-active escalations of likely consignment related delays

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