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BI and Analytics

This is the age of Big Data, where every consumer interaction or transaction is an opportunity to analyze and gain insights.A multitude of consumer interactions with Brands has enabled the Information of Everything. Social, Mobile and Location Device Data, have led to a greater focus from Consumer Goods Industry on consumers, products, brands, channels, competition, and their interactions through advanced data insights.

At L&T Infotech (LTI), we enable all aspects of Analytics, right from managing the data (ETL, EDW, MDM, Hadoop, Data Lakes), to methods and consumption (Descriptive and Predictive Analytics), and finally, to enablement (Visualization and Insights). Our Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics capabilities include a wide range of services, from standard BI to Advanced Visualization tools, to Descriptive, Diagnostic, Predictive, Prescriptive and Big Data solutions.

LTI partners with leading technology vendors to help clients extract the maximum value from their Information Management and IT assets, across the business landscape. We help client organizations achieve enhanced business agility by leveraging our ‘Business First’ approach, rich technology experience and innovative solutions, which are powered with reusable artifacts and accelerators.


  • Data and Analytics Diagnostics & Assessments
  • Data and Analytics Strategy & Roadmap Development
  • Data and Analytics-as-a-Managed Service
  • Customer Insight Analytics
  • Sales and Marketing Analytics
  • Digital Analytics
  • Big Data Analytics


  • Leverage the power of Advanced Analytics capabilities across Marketing, Sales and Services.
  • Engaging customer across the value chain – from awareness to post sales.
  • Efficient Digital Marketing and Operations.
  • Leverage Big Data and Advanced Analytics to drive Decision-making.

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