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AML Advisory Services

LTI has a track record of more than a decade as being a leading technology partner to global banks and financial institutions, in their effort to implement AML vendor products or develop custom AML solutions. Over the years, LTI’s global team of seasoned SMEs has guided and helped clients implement some of the largest and most complex AML solutions around the world.

Backed by its strong AML domain expertise, technical capability, global implementation track record, and focus on process and quality, LTI AML Advisory Service is a trusted thought partner to financial institutions, across a wide range of business models and challenges. Working closely with the clients, LTI Advisory Service helps financial institutions identify and address weaknesses in the existing AML solutions; select, develop and implement new AML solutions; and implement key technology innovations to significantly improve the productivity, scalability and quality of clients’ AML solutions.

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    Our Offerings

    Current State Assessment

    Current State Assessment

    As part of the current state assessment, LTI performs gap analysis for a financial institution’s existing AML solutions. Our domain experts conduct detailed SWOT analysis of existing AML solutions, evaluating their complexity, hosting infrastructure, technology components maturity & age, scalability, adaptability, availability, performance, user community survey, known issues, etc., before issuing a detailed report with the identified strengths, weaknesses, opportunities (to be explored) and threats (to be mitigated).
    Based on the identified weaknesses and threats, and factoring the specific business environment of each client, as well as the evolving regulatory mandates, LTI’s AML domain experts, specialized in the latest changes in AML regulations & solutions, help clients identify the appropriate corrective actions.

    AML Product Selection

    AML Product Selection

    Upon completing the current state assessment, LTI works closely with the client’s AML business & technology stakeholders, to prioritize requirements and determine the applicable course of action, which includes strengthening existing AML solutions, application of technology innovations, migration to new hosting infrastructure, or new vendor packages.
    Our domain knowledge in hosting infrastructure such as Cloud and Hadoop, in addition to key AML solutions from Actimize, Oracle and BAE, to name a few, and expertise with developing & deploying large AML solutions around the world, will help clients meet their AML program objectives in a planned, timely and cost-effective manner.

    Strategic Thought Partnership

    Strategic Thought Partnership

    LTI has a dedicated AML Center of Excellence (CoE), through which we offer tailored advisory services, because we strongly believe that each client has distinct business challenges and needs.
    Our process efficiency champions actively engage with clients in evaluating their end-to-end AML processes, as well as identifying the efficiency and performance bottlenecks to be addressed with traditional technology, innovations and process automation.
    Powered by proven frameworks & solutions, developed in-house by LTI’s AML and Digital Solution teams, and using technology innovations that include analytics, machine learning and robotics; LTI AML Advisory Service has helped clients improve their investigation efficiency and lower the AML program cost & investigation turnaround time.

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