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AML- Anti Money Laundering Solutions

In order to help financial institutions around the world meet the evolving Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations in a cost-effective and efficient manner, LTI (NSE: LTI) recently launched LTI AML solution & service offering for the banking & financial services industry. LTI’s Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Solutions empower BFS companies to proactively manage AML risks and compliance.

LTI Anti-Money Laundering AML solution offers clients with complete AML coverage across the global financial markets. We offer an unparalleled combination of subject area expertise, process & quality focus, global delivery force, proven solutions, and technology innovations.

LTI AML service offering leverages LTI’s decade long AML domain knowledge and practice, as well as its globally positioned AML delivery force, consisting of subject matter experts on AML solution advisory & implementation, for some of the largest financial institutions around the world.

LTI AML service offering can be leveraged to review and improve existing AML solutions, as well as to recommend and implement new solutions, based on each client’s needs.

LTI AML solution offering is built on top of its best-in-class horizontal platforms of leading-edge technology innovations, including digital transformation, automation, document processing, workflow, business intelligence & artificial intelligence, to name a few.

LTI AML solution offering is focused on providing the client with lightweight solutions, where technology innovations are applied as disruptors to overcome the limitations of traditional AML solutions. LTI’s solution can be integrated with the client’s existing AML solutions to reduce the implementation effort and learning curve, while allowing the client to quickly address its current process bottlenecks.

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    Our Offerings

    AML Advisory Services

    AML Advisory Services

    Benefit from LTI’s global team of seasoned SMEs as they enable clients implement some of the largest and most complex AML solutions around the world

    AML Core Solutions

    AML Core Solutions

    LTI’s extensive knowledge of financial data, AML regulations, business processes and AML solutions, makes it a leading services provider in the AML compliance solution space

    AML Add-on Solutions

    AML Add-on Solutions

    Experience scalability & flexibility, and augment the capability of your existing AML Solutions with LTI’s innovative AML Suite

    LTI Advantage

    • LTI has been implementing AML solutions for over a decade. Its wealth of experience and domain knowledge has helped financial institutions around the world implement and improve AML solutions.

    • Our AML solutions are the result of LTI’s extensive domain knowledge and implementation practice. Components of our AML Suite can be integrated with the client’s existing AML solutions.

    • The global presence of LTI’s delivery force assures round-the-clock availability and support.

    • LTI has a global team of seasoned AML policy, process, operation and solution professionals, ready to guide financial institutions in implementing enterprise-wide AML Compliance Solution.

    • Best-in-class digital transformation framework and platform helps our clients develop, implement, maintain and operate digital solutions.

    • LTI’s process champions, business acumen and a quality-driven culture ensure successful outcome of AML projects.

    Benefits to Clients

    • AML process and solution transformation through lightweight, yet scalable, solutions.

    • Better use of the client’s human capital, by focusing subject matter experts on analytical and judgmental tasks.

    • Improved productivity, by reducing repetitive and manual tasks through Robotics, driving down cost & error rate.

    • Accelerated customer information collection & extraction, from news and social media, through Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning.

    • The client owns the IP on AML solutions delivered by LTI, customized to fit its needs.

    • Global implementation & support.

    Lightweight & Innovative AML Solutions

    Our AML solution is uniquely intelligent because it: Goes beyond reactive compliance with AML regulations, Conforms with all Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulation requirements to help banks across geographies.

    • Use of robotics to reduce investigation time & error rate, by automating repetitive manual tasks and shifting valuable human capital to analytical and judgmental tasks.

    • Application of Natural Language Processing (NLP), combined with Machine Learning (ML), has been instrumental in improving data availability, consistency and quality.

    • Employing a host of learning algorithms, applied to a wide range of AML processes, including false positive prevention & detection, case investigation prediction and customer behavior prediction.