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Analytics & Big Data

Significant Investments in Analytics and Big Data Technologies

Periscope – Predictive Data Mining

  • Big Data-based customer Analytics platform
  • Predicts customer churn, revenue prediction, promotional prediction and cross sell/up sell opportunities
  • Helps to plan promotional strategies by forecasting category-wise & product-wise sales
  • Provides extensive customer analytics like Customer Churn Analysis, Demographic Analysis,Prospect Analysis, Psychographic Analysis

Lending Analytics

  • Assists in efficiently managing risk  and optimizing lending strategies
  • Provides complete analysis of the lender-borrower scenario across various dimensions
  • Helps mitigate risks from securities lending using a transparent, client-focused approach
  • Provides information on Trend analysis across the lending environment

Sapphire – Sentimental Analysis

  • Leverages social media to provide 360° customer view
  • Open Source solution generates Simple, reliable and accurate sentiment analysis report
  • Leverages NLP and other prediction & clustering based algorithms for analytics and segmentation of Social data
  • Extracts Sentiments from blogs, URLs, Twitter, Facebook, RSS feeds Documents, Google Plus, etc.

Retail Vintage Reporting

  • Enables risk analysis and product/portfolio performance comparison for huge amount (84 months) of credit data at account levels.
  • Instantly reviews Vintage Curves and evaluate evolving risk and return characteristics of retail portfolios over time
  • Decreasing response time from 22 minutes to 4 minutes
  • Scalable data storage & processing power storage

Prescriptive Analysis for Production Support

  • Single view of all exceptions and related errors from Technology Stack
  • Predict problem code modules using advanced analytics algorithms in Big Data
  • Analyze usage patterns and predict required system capacity
  • Integrate change control portal and knowledge management portal with Splunk
  • 15% reduction in user exposure to errors and corresponding reduction into ticket