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Leveraging Analytics for Fraud Identification to Improve Customer Experience

In the era of fast-changing consumer preferences and behaviours, the CPG industry requires the use of disruptive technologies to stay put on our Analytics journey

LTI partners with you to help you in:

  • Integrated outlook – 360° view of entity / consumer / product / distribution channel.
  • Incubating continuous product innovation – Differentiated product offerings to meet custom requirements of consumers, personalized packaging and delivery.
  • Drill-down view of pricing strategy – Logistics cost based on sourcing, distribution channels, packaging, partner commissions, etc.
  • Catering to deeper consumer insights such as personal preference, shopping pattern, pricing, promotions, partnerships – Advanced Analytics Platform.
  • Expanding into new sales channel – Explore possibilities and adopt a product – or consumer-tailored multi-channel approach viz. direct to consumer, e-commerce marketplace

Are issues with fraud at Point-of-Sale (PoS) taking a toll on your Analytics journey?

We help you by:

  • Detecting anomalous transactions impacting revenue leakage
  • Improved customer experience
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