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Transfer Agency Record-Keeping Solution – Unitrax®

​Unitrax® is a SaaS-based, transfer agency record keeping system that enables mutual fund and insurance companies to manage the complete administration of their wealth management products, including mutual funds, fixed income, structured notes, annuities, and segregated funds.  The system is used by over 200 companies as their book of record for over 700 Billion USD in Assets Under Management (ADM). 

Designed specifically with the investment fund and asset management sectors in mind, Unitrax® provides a number of solutions to handle common fund industry and transfer agency issues, including maintaining client records and facilitating the associated administrative processes. These maintenance and processing procedures include transaction entries, generating account investment values, interfacing with external systems and producing various client communications, such as tax receipts, reports, letters, statements and transaction confirmations. 

Unitrax® uses a table system to store business parameters, which offers maximum flexibility while reducing the need for custom programming. Our table system also enables a single investor to hold multiple accounts and investor types and place multiple transactions without the need to duplicate investor information, which increases productivity by reducing redundancy and commonly placed errors. Unitrax® is built to handle a number of different product types all administered under a single environment, which results in increased user efficiencies and lower operational costs. ​​​​