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Customized application lifecycle service hosted in Canadian Data Centers with dedicated Offices in Ontario & Quebec makes L&T Infotech The-Right-Technology-Service partner for our clients. 

We recognize the overhead of owning technology infrastructure and upgrading platforms regularly to keep your business running. We appreciate the challenges in preventing the risk of assets turning into liabilities and in working with different narrowly-focused IT Service Providers for fulfilling business requirements. L&T Infotech Canada offers a set of services including customized solution development; hybrid hosting on L&T-owned data centers, and eventual maintenance, all bundled together for your convenience and to reduce your overhead. Your business benefits by availing secured local hosting service along with convenience of a single vendor. We offer you flexibility through either a bundled service or a pure-play hosting service for your systems. The hosting set-up comes with an option to choose from a shared infrastructure for derived efficiency or a private dedicated infrastructure for performance & control. Both serve as an augmented data center allowing for seamless integration with other business systems hosted elsewhere. The shared hosting option expands upon this by utilizing existing infrastructure platforms to deliver cost efficiencies. Your business need drives the hosting solution we offer. 

L&T Infotech offers comprehensive managed application services in the true sense, in that the entire life cycle gets handled within a single vendor relationship model. The business receives their entire service at required service levels under single accountability governance and clear ownership. L&T Infotech follows industry-adopted ITSM best practices to support applications, servers, databases and network.​​​​​​​