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Enterprise Consulting

IT Simplification takes the unnecessary clutter, cost & risk out of the IT landscape and helps bring focus to growth initiatives. It helps IT management to reduce the non-discretionary RUN costs and invest these savings into CHANGE initiatives for innovations. L&T Infotech offer services to assess the IT portfolio for its application portfolio, technology platforms, and business processes by rationalizing, streamlining, consolidating & decommissioning.

Drivers & Value to client:

Portfolio assessments are typically conducted to drive management's strategic initiatives. The objectives can by any or all of the following:

  • reducing overall technology cost of ownership & complexity,
  • improve business-value of IT,
  • reduce IT risks,
  • introduce lean practices & agility
  • preparing to achieve the target state.​

The assessment generates a report with roadmap having prioritized list of recommendations, which can be used further to initiate multiple tracks for benefit realization.


The Consulting team starts with a pre-discovery phase to identify SPOCs, understand the organization & expected benefits of the assessment. The scope & exact plan for the assessment – required set of information, and interviews - is designed in this stage, which is then followed by the actual discovery phase. During this phase, all required data and information is collected from relevant IT Operation Management Systems and from stakeholders by conducting interviews and/ or workshops. The team analyses the collected data and comes up with potential recommendations to realize the desired benefits, which in turn is presented to the relevant management stakeholders for selection and further implementation as necessary. The data analysis is performed using proprietary analytical models.

​Typical Plan:

An assessment of portfolio with 100-200 applications typically takes 3 to 4 weeks. However the duration of an assessment largely depends on the data availability and the number of interviewees. The initial phases are interaction-heavy where the team works very closely with the client team – management and portfolio leads to understand the IT portfolio and processes. The subsequent half is more of analysis, during which the only client interaction is for validating and clarifying the details collected earlier.

Consulting at work:

A global financial institution in Africa needed to reduce its Application Portfolio size by 20%. L&T Infotech assessed the client's IT landscape in 12 countries across the continent and identified opportunities to consolidate functionality and platforms while decommissioning low-value and redundant applications. We identified and implemented best practices in IT Support Management in order to streamline processes and improve the overall service to the business.​​