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In addition to our seat on the CORE, ESG Boards​ we are active participants in IFIC, CLHIA and CCMA working groups.

FATCA/CRS Implementation Sub-Group IFIC
FATCA Dealer/Manager Responsibilities Sub-Group IFIC
FATCA/CRS CRA Guidance Sub-Group IFIC
FATCA Agreement Sub-Group IFIC
CRM Implementation Task Force IFIC
CRM2 Trailer & Fees Sub-Group IFIC
CRM Communication Task Force IFIC
Registered Products Working Group IFIC
Taxation Working Group IFIC
Operations Working Group IFIC
Legal and Compliance Working Group IFIC
Industry Analytics Working Group IFIC
Qualified Investments Regime Reform Sub-Group IFIC
Distribution Options Proposal Sub-Group IFIC
FATCA/CRS Implementation Group CLHIA
FATCA/CRS Reporting Group CLHIA
FATCA/CRS Nominee Seg Funds CLHIA
T+2 Steering Committee CCMA
T+2 Operations Working Group CCMA
T+2 Legal/Regulatory Working Group CCMA
T+2 Communication/Education Working Group CCMA​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​