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Expediting Go-to-market Timeline and Reducing Losses for a US Pharma Major

Breakaway Business Outcomes

Prevent perishable material from expiring

Reduce losses

Extend & optimize the product life span

Automate manual processes

Reduce risk of regulatory compliance breach

A US-based pharma company faced major challenges with the manual ToE (Time Out of Environment) process they had employed for their material. Firstly, if the ToE was breached it would deem the material unfit for use. Secondly, in the absence of notifications and alerts, there was no real-time visibility of ToE, so corrective measures couldn’t be taken. But these issues were just the tip of the iceberg. Increased ToE due to human intervention, loss of high-value and scarce material, loss of products in cold chain could result in low profitability and risk of regulatory compliance.

LTI designed an IoT-driven end-to-end solution to prevent above mentioned issues. Leveraging Oracle’s JD Edwards, Mobility and IoT Cloud Service technology offerings, the ToE process was designed to provide a high degree of automation and dashboard based analytical view. The first step was to attach a sensor to the container in which the material is received, to detect the excursion time and record ToE. This enabled real-time alerts and timely action to be taken. Next came the automated monitoring of inventory with the correct pick up list and automated calculation of ToE based on raw materials received and finished goods produced. This centralized solution enables custom report creation providing audit and transparency to the customer. Insights like lock-in period, highlights for batches, inventory analysis, shop floor material health alert, etc. could be made accessible via a high-functioning mobile app with wearable support.

LTI-designed solution will prevent perishable material from expiring during transit, accelerate the go-to-market timeline and hence reduce losses and optimize the lifespan of the product and makes human intervention unnecessary.

Solutions like these help build Breakaway Enterprises. Are you looking to unlock value for your JDE landscape?

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