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Data-Driven Manufacturing Transformation

The Physical-Digital Convergence is rapidly disrupting the enterprise landscape, by fundamentally reshaping the organizations’ operating and business models across the industry. Recent advances in technology, data science & machine learning, robotics, and cognitive intelligence are pushing the frontier of machine capabilities in all facets of business. With cloud adoption and disruptive data-driven models reshaping the Manufacturing industry worldwide, it is imperative for you to gain a competitive edge to monetize value from the most unexplored asset – Data.

This first Snowcase ‘Data-Driven Manufacturing Transformation’ highlights the need for the Manufacturing industry to setup a strong data foundation leveraging next-gen technologies on data cloud. Know how a global battery manufacturer creates a perfect balance of ‘risk-averse’ and ‘value maximization’ and shifted from technology-centric approach to value-centric approach. LTI, Snowflake and Qlik have a track record of delivering successful solutions in diverse and complex landscapes, and for this Snowcase – all three have joined their forces to develop end-to-end industry solutions for manufacturing customers looking for data-driven transformation on data cloud. The solution offers accelerated migration of existing data applications to Snowflake data cloud, using LTI Canvas PolarSled. It also offers continuous data ingestion and transformation from business applications using Qlik Replicate and LTI’s Mosaic Platform.

Here’s what our partners say about this Snowcase –

Kevin Miller – VP, Snowflake, said – “The Manufacturing Industry is undergoing a disruptive shift, achieving data-driven businesses transformation with hard regulatory requirements is no easy task. The time that is taken and outcomes delivered by this solution should grab the attention of any manufacturing business leader, who wishes to drive real digital transformation at scale for tangible results.”

Sachin – VP – Data, Analytics & AI, LTI said, “It is one of the eminent examples of a pragmatic & high speed technology transformation in Manufacturing sector. In a record time, we liberated siloed data, set up a foundational data fabric and established core capabilities to harness the power of enterprise data across different business value-chains; something that is fundamental to be a data driven enterprise”

Itamar Ankorion – SVP Technology Alliances, Qlik, said “As a Snowflake Elite technology partner and Partner of the Year for Data Engineering, Qlik is working closely with LTI and our joint customers to enable innovative solutions. Using Qlik Data Integration, the customer was able to continuously ingest data from SAP and other enterprise data source into Snowflake, building an agile data pipeline to support their modern architecture. This allowed the customer to work with real-time data, which was a pre-requisite on their journey to becoming a data-driven organization.”

This interesting Snowcase can help you accelerate your data-driven cloud transformation.

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Download your copy now!

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