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Operate to Transform

A unique approach focused on Automation Native rather than point Automation, from largely IT focused to equally business focused one, and from solving stated problems to eliciting & solving the unstated needs as well.

Operations has looked more or less the same for too long. SLAs, continuous improvement, ITIL processes, point automation and keep the business running has been the focus. At LTI we believe this approach misses out on a huge opportunity.

We believe that in operations resides the insight that can re-pivot operations into a ‘Keep The Business Transforming’ function. Our ‘Operate, To Transform(O2T) offering enabled by our 4D model does exactly that. It delivers operations and business transformation across 4 dimensions – operations, landscape, business process KPIs & end user personas. It does so by combining best in class digital levers (AI & analytics, automation, etc.) with technology, re-imagined operating model, domain and process expertise.

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    End-to-End Spectrum of Operate, To Transform

    We measure the Transformation across the multi-dimensions viz. Persona Experience & Business KPIs, Systems & Processes and Operations.

    Amplified Business Outcomes = fx (Pi , Si , Opi)
    Pi : Persona Productivity
    Si : Systems & Processes
    Opi : Operations

    While Business Outcome is a critical factor when it comes to measuring performance, clearly defined objectives and KPIs for personas, processes, systems and operations are foundational elements of our offering to ensure a sustainable transformation.

    Success and Measurement Criteria for Each Dimension of Achieving Amplified Outcomes

    LTI’s O2T offering makes the Operation & Business Transformation real with measurable outcomes – enabled by targeted 4D model execution, powered by Mosaic platform and accelerated by deeply curated knowledge data lake.

    Knowledge Data Lake

    Knowledge is key to achieve the success criteria defined for Operate, To Transform. Based on our 200+ AMS (application maintenance & services) engagements and 100+ infrastructure & platform maintenance services we have created a knowledge repository for business & technology re-usable artefacts

    Business: A meta repository for 500+ use cases across business processes along with 100+ personas and their KPIs across different industries.

    Technology: A repository of 1000+ prebuilt automation assets and a digitized repository of 10k+ error codes across technologies and packaged solutions. Along with it more than 50+ diverse algorithms to enable insights through embedded analytics.

    Execution Playbook: Operate, To Transform is part of LTI’s DNA for executing any operations engagement. To democratize the execution LTI has a created a digital playbook which makes this a seamless journey


    We have plan and methodology to deliver improved efficiencies irrespective of customers’ complex and diverse toolsets/frameworks landscape

    Unified Automation model for multi-vendor collaboration and governance to drive end-to-end automation


    Our platform is modular, hybrid, and service driven architecture ensuring scalability, adaptability, and enables integration to complement the customer technology stacks & enterprise architecture


    The automation interventions are delivered through capabilities across a layered framework – Interface, Cognitive and Orchestration to cater multiple scenarios of automation adoption * Entire framework replacement, AI & Data engine, Platform extensions

    AI Automation Asset

    1000+AI Automation Assets across applications landscape value chain.

    AI Driven full lifecycle Automation Assets spread includes:

    • Dashboards – Monitoring to Orchestration
    • Scripts
    • Diagnostics – from Profilers to Log monitors
    • Self Help Portals
    • Virtual Assistants
    • Embedded AI engine
    Operations Platform


    Operations platform is the enabler which orchestrates all the use cases across the process lifecycle to achieveend goal of operate to transform.

    The platform operates on 4 key principles

    1. Unified Experience
    2. Collaboration
    3. Configurable and Modular
    4. AI & Automation at the Core

    Operations Platform Suite to enable the Operate, to Transform Journey

    Execution Approach (4D Model)

    Our 4D model ensures a 360° coverage, to produce amplified outcomes from your operational ecosystem.

    Do Less

    Do Less

    Reduce work volume at every stage of business process lifecycle

    • Intelligent Monitoring
    • Self Serve
    Do Fast

    Do Fast

    Expedite diagnostics & issue resolution, enhance collaboration

    • Full stack view
    • Assisted Resolution
    • Proactive Fixes
    Do Better

    Do Better

    Simplifying landscape & influence improved business outcomes

    • Landscape Rationalization
    • Process Lineage Visibility
    Do More

    Do More

    Improve persona productivity

    • Persona Centric Support
    • Business Process Automation

    Success Stories

    Value delivered to customers in different industry segments

    Global SAP Operations Transformation for a Leading Cosmetics Major

    A cosmetics and beauty products market leader gets a makeover of its complex global SAP operations, by leveraging LTI’s proven Operate to Transform (O2T) model delivering amplified business outcomes.