Hyper-Efficient Operations with Next Generation AMS

Our SAP Next Generation Application Management Services (AMS) enables support organizations to transform from a traditional support model to an amplified outcomes model (AOM), focusing on experience, outcome, automation and innovation.

We bring in industry-leading operational efficiency with intelligent monitoring, cognitive self-service, persona-based support & analytics-driven problem management. We make this happen with our Mosaic Automation platform, which enables automated prevention, guided resolution and cognitive end-user assist.

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Our key objectives for the amplified outcome-based model are:

Industry-Leading AMS Operational Efficiency

  • Prevent issues from occurring, through the intelligent monitoring of applications landscape, with greater cross-platform correlation, and self-healing & predictive capabilities.
  • Empower users by actively building user communities, and providing them with intuitive & easy-to-use self-service mechanisms.
  • Resolve incidents closer to the point of origination, armed with curated knowledge assets, and with smart use of RPA and AI-enabled bots. Apply analytics to identify patterns that cause instability, and permanently cure them. Actively reduce complexity to lead to higher stability.
  • Engage with users seamlessly and across all possible channels of communications. Empathize to create personalized experiences.

Business Value Enhancement

  • Establish linkage between quality of application support and business metrics. Improve the end business metrics through excellence in support operations.
  • Help improve and maintain platform quality and relevancy by lowering hurdles, to stay current through the AMS operations.
  • Create the enterprise digital fabric through AMS operations, by making it easier to adopt DevOps & Cloud, and help with democratization of information.


  • “Always On” operations, while enabling business agility, high productivity, process efficiency and significant cost savings.
  • Modernization of SAP AMS through state-of-the-art tools and automation.
  • Targeted interventions for Business Efficiency, through industry and technology best practices.
  • Relentless focus on innovation.