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Life Sciences

The Life Sciences Industry’s key focus is on outstanding patient care with better outcomes and reduced cost. SAP Solutions for Life Sciences Industry help Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices and Biotechnology companies achieve operational and financial excellence. Moreover, LTI solutions, based on Next Generation Technologies i.e. Mobility, Analytics, IOT and Cloud, enable Life Sciences companies to enhance global health in an innovative and cost-effective manner.

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Our Offerings

IOT-enabled Quality Assurance & Predictive Maintenance

IOT-enabled Quality Assurance & Predictive Maintenance

  • Non-disruptive & Faster quality inspection at the same speed of production process – Better tracking of process & product quality
  • Condition-based Monitoring of Equipment – Higher Reliability & Enhanced Asset Performance
  • Real-time visibility into ‘In-service’ product performance – Providing crucial data points for improving design & production process
Supply Chain Synchronization

Supply Chain Synchronization

  • Responsive Supply Chain based on ‘Demand Signaling’ and ‘Integrated Business Planning’
  • Next Generation Supply Chain Framework, with much enhanced agility and flexibility of supply chain operations
  • Enhanced visibility across Supply Chain, facilitating Optimization