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Imagineering Digital Manufacturing

Digital Manufacturing enables enterprises to re-define their business models to achieve quantum growth. LTI’s SAP Practice offers the roadmap and a range of solutions that will usher enterprises into the world of Digital Manufacturing. These solutions cover all business functions in Manufacturing, all links in Supply Chain, all layers in Manufacturing Technologies, and various levels of evolution. They aim at creating a fully synchronized entity, responding in real-time to various business stimuli with their own intelligence, and ready to grow exponentially by imbibing other disruptive technologies.

Our Offerings



  • EHSM for Enterprise Sustainability
  • Project Management for Engineering & Construction
  • Robust Compliance & Stakeholder Security
  • De-risked & Efficient Project Management


  • Production Orchestration & Execution
  • IoT-enabled Quality Assurance & Predictive Maintenance
  • Seamless business processes across diverse platforms
  • Futuristic Business Models
  • Higher Reliability & Enhanced Asset Performance


  • Intellectual Property Lifecycle Management
  • Supply Chain Synchronization
  • Extended Warehouse Management
  • Smarter Knowledge Management
  • Enhanced Responsiveness, Collaboration, Visibility & Control across Supply Chain
  • Enhanced Visibility & Accountability
  • Smart Warehouse & Logistics Management leveraging RFID


IoT Enabled Quality Assurance & Predictive Maintenance

IoT Enabled Quality Assurance & Predictive Maintenance

  • Non-disruptive & Faster quality inspection at the same speed of production process – Better tracking of process & product quality.
  • Condition-based Monitoring of Equipment – Higher Reliability & Enhanced Asset Performance.
  • Real-time visibility into ‘In-service’ product performance – Providing crucial data points for improving design & production process.
Digitized Intellectual Property Lifecycle Management (IPLM)

Digitized Intellectual Property Lifecycle Management (IPLM)

  • Digitization & Tracking of Intellectual Assets, right from inception through various steps in Patenting and beyond.
  • Smarter management of Intellectual Assets – Enablers to become business leaders of tomorrow.
Extended Warehouse Management

Extended Warehouse Management

  • Smart Warehouse & Logistics Management, leveraging RFID.
  • End-to-End Warehouse Process Management with enhanced automation & accuracy.
  • Superior Traceability and Tracking.
  • Reduction in Inventory Management lead times.
Supply Chain Synchronization

Supply Chain Synchronization

  • Responsive Supply Chain based on ‘Demand Signaling’ and ‘Integrated Business Planning’.
  • Next Generation Supply Chain Framework with much enhanced agility and flexibility of supply chain operations.
  • Enhanced visibility across Supply Chain, facilitating optimization.