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Hi-Tech Industry is undergoing Digital Transformation, with focus on fulfilling Customer Expectations, Supply Chain Optimization and Multi-channel Sales & Marketing. SAP Solutions unleash the Business Innovation potential of Hi-Tech Companies by leveraging descriptive technologies (Cloud, Big Data, Mobile, Social). We help Hi-Tech companies innovate faster and operate in real-time, with predictable and manageable cost.

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Our Offerings

Supplier Network Collaboration

Supplier Network Collaboration

SNC Solutions that enabled suppliers for “Vendor Managed Inventory”, resulting in productivity savings

  • Increased Buyer Efficiency and Improved Annual Inventory Turns
  • Provides time for negotiating better contracts and performing more thorough vendor qualification.
Pick to Voice - Automated Warehouse Solution

Pick to Voice - Automated Warehouse Solution

  • Significant improvement in overall picking productivity, resulting in 40 to 50% improvement in operational efficiency
  • Improved accuracy at point of pick
  • Visibility into real-time work status and associated productivity
  • Alert supervisors to exception conditions
  • Solution subsequently certified by SAP – Readily deployable solutions for rollouts