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Connect & Collaborate through Supply Chain Transformation

Creating a flexible and responsive supply chain is critical to sensing and responding to customer demand. By combining industry best practices and the latest supply chain with S/4HANA-based digital platforms, our supply chain experts help you reduce manufacturing lead times, increase asset utilization, streamline processes and collaborate better with partners and suppliers. Efficient Supply Chain Management has become key competitive differentiator for organizations excelling globally. Enabling organizations to connect and collaborate easily with supply chain partners is an important aspect to drive transformation. Our solutions provide a holistic approach to digitally transform supply chain through extensive supply chain visibility, actionable intelligence and integrated execution. To unlock additional value from your supply chain, we help you create or refine strategic and tactical plans for purchase, manufacturing, distribution and other areas of your business. We focus on plans that can be implemented quickly, drawing on our expertise in Demand Planning and Forecasting, Production Planning, Inventory Planning, Distribution and e-Commerce.

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Our Offerings



  • Supply Network Collaboration
  • Supplier Managed Inventory
  • Faster response with solution options simulation
  • Real-time collaboration across supply chain


  • Business Process Transformation
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • 4PL Logistics Solutions
  • Drastically improved response and reduced supply chain cost


  • Material Price Forecasting
  • Supply Chain Synchronization
  • Next Generation Asset Maintenance
  • Reduced Purchase Price Variances
  • Real-time 3600 Visibility and Traceability throughout supply chain


Supply Network Collaboration

Supply Network Collaboration

  • Simplified registration process for quick on-boarding of suppliers.
  • Streamlined user experience integrating planning, quality, collaboration, help, etc.
  • Enabled true collaboration between planner/supplier, with a single view of the data.
  • Event-driven notification, with “Manage By Exception”
  • Capabilities Monitoring, and notification of supplier’s actions & alerts back to the planner.
Material Price Forecasting

Material Price Forecasting

  • Integrated Material Price Forecasting (MPF) Solution.
  • Simplified Price Forecasting Solution.
  • Cost and Savings Initiative consideration.
  • Single source of truth data.
  • Business Process Simulation capabilities with “what-if” analysis.
4PL Logistics Solution

4PL Logistics Solution

  • Reduction of inbound Logistics cost by changing the transportation ownership from Material Suppliers to the parent organization through 4PL Service Providers in a way that:
  • Uses best-in-class external Logistics Service for Transportation Management.
    Helps gain Control and Visibility to deliver Freight and Inventory savings.