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Automotive Industry Trends

Today, the Automotive Industry is highly impacted with customer preferences, responsive supply chain, digitization and increasing automation. SAP offers best-in-class solutions for Automotive Industry to innovate faster, increase efficiency and adopt new trends in the industry. LTI helps Automotive companies in reimagining digitized business models with innovative solutions across the industry value chain, powered by next generation technologies, including HANA, Mobility, IOT, etc.

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Our Offerings

IOT-enabled Asset Management Solution

IOT-enabled Asset Management Solution

Modeling approach, facilitating good model car testing, done using numerous labs, testing equipment & people resources

  • Solution-enabled interaction between resources (People, Labs, Cars) through IOT
  • Provided Team with Beacon Devices and Model Cars, with Android Devices for interaction
  • Solution is a combination of Digital Technologies, including Mobile/ Analytics/ GIS
Advance RMA(Return Material Authorization) Solution

Advance RMA(Return Material Authorization) Solution

Enabled tracking of Products, which are authorized for return, replacement, repair, or simply unwanted products

  • Enabled tracking of material movements
  • Enabled selection of the appropriate return location for the product
  • Workflow Notifications and Reporting