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Intelligent Quality Incident Management System (iQiM) is an End-to-End, intent led automated solution built on the Pega InfinityTM platform. This solution bridges the digital gap in Manufacturing Quality Management processes by defining & standardizing the handling of Quality Incidents across the manufacturing value chains supporting various personas like OEMs, Quality Managers and Suppliers.

iQiM is a robust solution for streamlining overall quality processes across the manufacturing lifecycle by leveraging cognitive assistance, improving compliance, collaboration and enforcing SLAs.

  • Customizable processes, sample templates & assisted CAPA processes through automation of Industry Standard Cause & Effect analysis techniques (CARS, Fishbone, 8Ps etc.)
  • System generated documentation
  • Dashboards & data visualizations for Quality Managers and Triage Team.
  • Direct Capture of evidence into the system

Process Level KPI Improvements with iQiM

Cycle Time Reduction for overall Quality Incident Management / Faster Issue Resolution

  • Reduction in Cost of Poor Quality (CoPQ)
  • Minimizing repetitive warranty expense
  • Ramp up Efficiency of manufacturing lines
  • Focused Supplier Quality Improvement
  • Standards and Compliance Adherence
  • Promote Customer Delight

Workflow and Process Cycle

Pega and LTI’s co-innovation solution, Intelligent Quality Incident Management Solution (iQiM) addresses the digital gaps in Quality Management Systems to provide comprehensive solution for the Manufacturing industry.

Solution Highlights

Business Outcomes

Higher Productivity

Ensuring strong process discipline across the ecosystem brings down ~20% unnecessary rework & save time by looking for different suppliers as a back-up.

Faster Throughput

Cycle time reduction from identifying defects to implementing corrective actions from ~24 months to 4-5 months.

Institutionalized Process Adherence

Plants resolving quality issues faster with discipline and accountability to proactively stop quality issues from occurring which avoid 15-20% of costs involved.

Lower Production Costs

Reduction in Administrative Overheads driving incident efficiency by 10%-15%, thus reducing the number of issues identified in the later phases.

LTI iQiM Solution Video

LTI’s Intelligent Quality Incident Management Solution (iQiM) helps manufacturing enterprises streamline quality management processes, drive process adherence, and enhance productivity