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Cloud Consulting

Cloud is increasingly becoming an important part of enterprise IT strategy. But most organizations struggle to articulate their Cloud strategy owing to the lack of information and expertise, slowing down the pace of their conceptualization-to-implementation journey. Consequently, their Cloud movements are restricted to single-process, non-critical applications, which do not truly demonstrate the actual benefits of a full-fledged cloud implementation. While missing out on the advantages of Cloud, organizations may also lose out their competitive edge and be left behind if they wait too long.
LTI’s Cloud Consulting services help organizations narrow down their Cloud strategy, and zero-in on the right plan of action. We follow a systematic step-by-step process – from assessment of the clients’ existing technology landscape, defining their ideal end result, identifying the drivers behind their strategy, measuring current cloud capabilities, if any, and finally helping them map the IaaS-PaaS products and capabilities to suit their business ecosystem. Our services can enable organizations to not only develop a Cloud strategy and migration plan, but also help assist in the rapid execution, implementation and governance of Cloud applications.

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    • Our services span across cloud advisory & readiness assessment, application portfolio assessment, architecture strategy & transformation roadmap, systematic migration strategy, business case & TCO analysis, and network topology.
    • Fast-paced proof of concepts on the Cloud, to demonstrate benefits and build a sound strategy.
    • Best-of-breed solutions to re-factor, re-host, re-architect requirements, so as to manage the existing Cloud deployments.
    • Consulting to enhance security and identity management (security compliance), and put together a robust DR / Resilience strategy.
    • Complete end-to-end design of migration roadmap and implementation plans.
    • Better visibility to ensure industry compliance, and mitigate risk.


    • Optimized licensing and support costs, with the best combination of Cloud solutions.
    • Accelerated time-to-market and increased profitability with quicker implementations.
    • Narrowed-down Public, Private or Hybrid Cloud design, to achieve cloud computing strategy in alignment with the business strategy.
    • Explore the possibility of a private cloud, and measure the financial benefit / impact for cloud adoption.
    • Gain from the maximum availability architecture (MAA) design.
    • Leverage LTI’s best practices, tools and frameworks.