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Business Process Automation

Automation, reduced operational cost & time, and lean optimization, are integral to all business process improvement initiatives. However, by their very nature, business processes span multiple enterprise applications, and can encounter user interactions at many stages. This makes their transition highly susceptible to errors, time delays, and budget overruns.

Oracle Process Cloud enables the spawning of business processes across Cloud Apps, easily and seamlessly. With a new-age UI, underlying strong Cloud-based integration platform, documents service and API platform, Oracle Process Cloud can quickly help in the transition and automation of business processes. The simplicity of the “click to develop” user interface reduces the development complexity manifold. The end-result is a highly agile business process on the Cloud.

LTI has a strong experience in Business Process Management, with many long-running engagements. We have worked with a number of clients across the globe to successfully reduce their process execution durations from months to days, and delivered numerous rollouts successfully.

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    Services Offered

    • Business process consultation
    • Business case & TCO analysis
    • Process design and implementation on Cloud
    • Suitable user roles and access management
    • Seamless application integration for process stages
    • Migration from on-premise BPM to Process Cloud

    Key Features

    • Business processes on Cloud
    • Integration with participating SaaS or on-premise applications
    • Quick initial PoCs / beta rollouts
    • Transition strategy from on-premise to Cloud
    • Simplified UI design and easy navigation
    • Document cloud for easy verification
    • Fast-paced changes and rollout


    • Faster go-live, reduced implementation time and costs
    • Lesser setup and startup time
    • Impressive flexibility to adapt to changing business requirements and processes
    • Easy scalability, expansion of user base
    • LTI business processes best practices and frameworks
    • Optimized license and support costs