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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI), and its many varied applications, are becoming more and more commonplace in today’s business world. They are drastically changing the way customer service is provided in a variety of industries, and are opening untethered possibilities for continued growth. Advances in cognitive technologies are making it possible to provide increasingly accurate and relevant automated dialogues through Bot-as-a-Service. No longer do consumers have to trawl through websites and search engines to find the information they need. Instead, they will be communicating with intelligent chatbots at every stage.
LTI’s comprehensive AI-based solution suite helps businesses accelerate business outcomes. With proven domain experience, and expertise in process automation capabilities, LTI delivers key business results for your enterprise, leveraging AI and cognitive capabilities.

Services Offered

  • Pick & choose from Smart AI solution studio
  • Self-service to empower consumers
  • Service management & self-service L1 support agent
  • Intelligent advisors
  • Process assistants for automation
  • Insightful usage analytics for improved adoption

Key Features

  • Bot-as-a-Service provides interactive responses, based on a built-in cognitive knowledge base
  • Personalized and contextualized conversational experience
  • Real-time integration with on-premise and Cloud systems
  • Simplified and enriched UI experience
  • Access to a large audience
  • Round-the-clock availability
  • Machine learning capability
  • Experience in transforming legacy systems with AI, leveraging ready solution blueprint like ERP Assisted Run


  • Faster processing with lower risks – up to 80% average wait time reduction.
  • 30% reduction in support effort & cost

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