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CIOs constantly look for avenues to optimize their cost of operations, for maximizing their investments in initiatives to support business growth. We work closely with our clients to optimize their current JD Edwards landscape. By optimizing the JDE landscape, we cover multiple dimensions, including platform revitalization, license restructuring through innovative architecture, and business process enhancements and optimizations through world-class JD Edwards native solutions.


1. Unlocking infrastructure assets, with flexibility to expand the application usage considerably, without having to worry about the underlying infrastructure.
2. Minimized downtime, harnessing cost efficiency, and ensuring business continuity, by leveraging LTI’s proprietary single-click methodology.
3. Incentivize users for positive behavior, leveraging gamification and ‘Smart JD Edwards’ solutions.
4. Enhanced operational efficiency with our proven advisory, implementation and support of in-memory applications.
5. Instance Consolidation – Reduction of TCO, business processes harmonization and streamlining operations, by leveraging LTI’s consolidation offerings.


1. Cloud Migration – Reduced operation cost by 30% due to cloud migration from captive data centers. 50 – 60% reduction in the cost of cloud migration.
2. Instance Consolidation – Reduced support cost and improved business integration due to instance consolidation.
3. Smart JD Edwards Solutions – 20 – 25% improved KPIs by incentivizing users.


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